Melbourne 500

Riders set off to Sale for the Melbourne 500 Charity Ride

What’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yes, intimidation!
Imagine standing in the middle of the road having some 100 or so motorbikes bearing down on you – and not just any old motorbikes, Harley Davidsons of course. So there was a bit of noise with it too! This was where I found myself standing as these machines came roaring past on their way to the rural township of Sale. This was part of the Melbourne 500 charity ride, for Eastern Health and Bridge Builders Youth Organizations to which I had offered a friend to help out with some photography work. The ride was between Dandenong (outer Melbourne) and Sale, 500km in a day. Yes there was noise, yes there was leather, but it was a great day out ……… and they’re all a big bunch of softies anyway!



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